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Full Version: Windows or Linux Hosting
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I have another question. I am currently on Linux Hosting in what way is it better or not than Windows hosting?
If you are going to host ASP websites then you have to host your website on windows hosting. Linux in my opinion is far more superior than windows aswell as the control panel, cpanel is far easier to use than websitepanel or plesk on windows.

Other than that their are more addons and features that are available on linux hosting. One very good example is Websitebuilders, there are far more available for linux whereas from what I've seen only 1 real good one for Windows which is the plesk version.

So in basic terms always go linux (cpanel) unless you are hosting an ASP or ASP.NET site.
Thanks - makes sense
Linux hosting supports many languages like Php, Python, MySQL and so on. Linux is built much more secure than Windows servers.Linux is more popular than Windows hosting. Linux supports PHP natively and most of your free softwares are PHP. For my website I choose linux hosting. And i got Linux hosting service from 9CubeHosting.com They provide good customer service and support.
Hi guys
Web hosting server providers two types of hosting 1.Linux hosting 2.Windows hosting
Linux hosting alludes all the will imparted hosting, the greater part prominent hosting administration in the business. Done fact, A large portion of the sites are presently facilitated utilizing Linux hosting because of its competitive cost also adaptability. Linux hosting is accordant with PHP and MySQL, which supports scripts such as Word Press and phpBB. Windows hosting, on the added hand, uses Windows as the servers' operating arrangement and offers Windows-specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access.
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